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We landed Kigali safe and sound. The plane did bounce; the tyres touched the ground, went up and touched the ground again. That’s how almost everyone in the plan started calling all the names creators they knew. The dude by my side did the Christian sign stuff like 5 times.

We went on the tarmac again, and I was complaining about how we did the same in Lagos. I will just keep quiet on this issue.

Passing through immigration was seamless. No one was around to ask me weird questions referring to “Give me money” It was a good feeling. Mostly that it happened in a deep African country.

I had to wait for about 4 hours at the airport to get my next flight to Dubai. It surprisingly wasn’t a long wait, or I at least didn’t feel it wasn’t long

Bigger plane. Yaaaayyyy

The interior of the airplane was far better than the initial one we used. We each had our own screens. That made me a little happy, even though I never really use them.

At Murtala airport, I had asked the lady to give me window seats for both my flights. I didn’t get a window seat in the first flight and in the second flight, I got a window seat close to the toilet. Funny thing is the seat in front of me was empty. I don’t remember being rude to this lady, why did she treat me so?

The good thing was the smell from the toilet never reached me but something else did.; the dude by my side. I really didn’t understand the kind of body odour he had. The odour came in waves; it came at intervals. So I could be asleep and be suddenly woken up my his body odour, it was that bad.

I am also sure he would have issues sleeping on the same bed with people because as he slept, he at several occasions would turn or stretch towards me, hitting me at times. He never knew he was doing this, I would have to alert him to it.

I wasn’t impressed with the onboard meals. It was a connecting flight, which means most of us in the plane hadn’t eaten dinner. We were served light refreshment at the beginning of our flight and breakfast towards the end; I expected more.

The Amazing thing is my friend who followed EgyptAir said she was almost killed with food. They gave them enough from her flight to Egypt and even during her wait, they gave her more food and during her flight, even more. She was so overwhelmed that she had to keep most of the food in her bag.

It was a good flight in the end mainly because I was able to experience an awesome sunrise.

Ra himself welcomed me

We were in the plane from dusk till dawn and even though I was sleepy, I still had time to take some pictures

Clouds for days

It was exciting to finally land at the famous Dubai airport. I had heard a lot of the airport and have even seen some documentaries. Documentaries that had to do with their customs. So, I made sure to bring only Indomie as my food source because I didn’t want any of their issues.

Finally in Dubai

Passing through Immigration wasn’t too complex. They were short staffed but efficient, so I went through within 15 minutes considering the number of travelers that were there with me.

I went to the luggage section and first connected to the WIFI. I messaged my travel buddy who used EgyptAir, the message didn’t deliver. I thought she would have connected her phone too. The plan was for me to meet her up, but I wasn’t sure where she was. I did have her ticket info, so I checked the flight details online and discovered she had landed. It was a little frustrating that she hadn’t connected to the WIFI. I did know that she wouldn’t leave the airport and head to our apartment or towards me. So I got my luggage and headed for her Terminal which was Terminal 1, I was in Terminal 2. The idea was to walk to terminal 1.

I got outside and asked a cab guy how to get to Terminal 1 and he said ‘Going?’ I said ‘Yeah I want to go to Terminal 1, how do I get there?’ He said ‘Going? Let us go’ After a few back and forth, I told him not to worry. I went to meet another cab guy. He tells me that Terminal 1 is far away, I cannot walk there. He offered to take me there for 50dirhams, I was able to go down to 40dirhams. At the airport, the meters start reading from 20dirhams, imagine.

On our way, he tells me Terminal 3 and 1 are really close but Terminal 2 is far away. Terminal 3 is strictly for Emirates airlines and Terminal 1 is strictly for international flights. This message is for those who lie that they entered Emirates but stopped at Terminal 1.

I get to Terminal 1 and I had to call my friend to finally find her. I spent close to 1000Naira doing that. Oh, I also so a Yoruba actress, I don’t know her name though but she’s really famous.

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