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Tips on how to develop your own personal style

Following all of the latest fashion trends isn’t the key to looking fantastic. It’s about sticking to your own distinctive personal style. But what if you have no idea what your personal style is? By looking for inspiration, developing a mood board, and experimenting with fashion, you may develop your own distinct style.

Anybody can dress themselves, but there’s more to styling than figuring out which pair of jeans fits you best. So pay attention, class; today we’ll learn how to establish a personal style that reflects the man you are.

What Do You Mean When You Say “Personal Style”?

Style is a term that describes a person’s own manner of expressing oneself, whether via dress, writing, or architecture. In the fashion sector, “style” is usually shorthand for “personal style,” or how a person expresses themselves through aesthetic decisions such as clothing, accessories, hairdo, and how they put together an ensemble.

Style never goes out of style. A fashionable person may or may not follow fashion trends, but they always adhere to their own personal style. Rather than simply absorbing trends, personal style is about developing a feeling of self.

1. Assess Yourself

Men come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you’re tall, short, or buff, there’s a size for you. You are physically unique, regardless of your height. And your personal style should reflect that, with an emphasis on strengthening your genetics (as well as working with that McDonald’s tummy).

Take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror and decide what body type you are. Then read our guidelines to dressing for your body type: the larger gentleman, the slender gentleman, and the short gentleman. Or perhaps you’ve developed a more bodybuilder-like physique? Categorizing allows you to lay the groundwork for developing your own personal style. Made especially for you.

2. Look for fashion ideas

Start with family and friends whose style you admire while looking for fashion inspiration. Spend some time on social media observing how your friends and celebrities dress. Finding a few fashion bloggers whose style fascinates you and searching through their archives for your favorite looks is a great way to get fashion advice and inspiration. If you enjoy the style of a celebrity or influencer, attempt to find out who their stylist is and take inspiration from them. Another excellent source is fashion magazines. Learn about several style kinds and which ones you most closely resemble.

3. Invest in essentials first, then select one-of-a-kind items

Because staples are the foundation of each wardrobe, make sure you start with them. For instance, you may wear a plain white t-shirt with patterned trousers or a bright blazer. It’s a terrific way to ease into new experiences without feeling overwhelmed. If you’re afraid about what others might think, try on something new in front of a bunch of strangers first.

4. Know Your Message & Dress For It

To have a signature style, you must first understand yourself so that you can convey your ideals via your clothing. Create a signature style that reflects your personality. Aspects of your past should be incorporated into your trademark style. Use social cues in your clothing to express what’s important to you.

An antique pocket watch to commemorate the passing of your grandfather. A jacket with a coat of arms sewn on it to remind you of your family ties. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that personal style can often defy mainstream fashion rules.

5. Accessorize to Add a New Dimension

It’s now time to have some fun. Mastering the art of accessorizing, as well as adding fresh textures and patterns to traditional objects, gives them that unique touch. It’s all a matter of personal preference. Take, for instance, the dinner jacket.

Rock a velvet jacket with a metallic-gem lapel pin that complements your musician mood. Do you consider yourself to be a classic gentleman? Keep it simple with a black jacket with a satin lapel. Or are you more of a modern dandy (complete with powder blue suede shoes?) Then go for a jacquard weave dinner jacket that looks beautiful enough to stroke.

When you have that overwhelming feeling in your stomach that says, “Yes, I need that,” buy it. This kind of intuition is unavoidable.

6. You Should Wear It Because You Like It

Nothing is more unfashionable than a man wearing an outfit that was chosen for him rather than by him. Normally, the man wears the attire, rather than the other way around. Allow yourself to relax. Yes, being trendy comes from observing others, whether they are models in magazines or other gentlemen on the street.

However, don’t start wearing bow ties with blazers just because your friends do, especially if you don’t like it and think it’s ludicrous. Regardless of how dapper you try to appear, your nervousness will show. And, let’s face it, a fantastic outfit won’t be truly stylish until you’re completely confident in your selections.

That’s all there is to it! These are six guidelines for men who want to build their own distinct style. You can begin enjoying the amazing world of fashion by following the steps outlined above. But if you’re content with who you are now, that’s fine, too!

Remember that there are no rules. It all boils down to being yourself!

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