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We are seeing some interesting and important innovation in the digital banking field. Nigeria hasn’t been left out, in fact it is the other way around. Nigeria seems to be showing some accomplishments in digital banking field. It is important to mention the top 5 digital banking banks in Nigeria and the amazing ground-breaking digital products they are rolling out.

Emerging as the best digital banking institution in Africa is no small achievement. This award was given to UBA in 2018 by the prestigious Euro money awards which held in London.

Leo, UBA’s “AI” chat banker system that provides banking services to customers was really the icing on the cake for UBA. This digital banking product has cause some disruption in the African digital scene.

It isn’t only because Diamond Bank has over 2 million subscribers on their mobile app platform and Diamond Yello account (hybrid savings account that combines both financial and telecom services using an MTN registered mobile device) that it is on this list.

The unique “Ajor” platform they have created, called eSUSU is the real deal here. It is a contributory and rotating saving platform that can take up to 12 people in a group.

The users in a group all agree on specific dates where a particular member get a certain part of the contribution. This is probably the safest kind of “Ajor” out there.

Excellent customer service is one of the attributes that defines how strategically driven a bank can be. This customer service doesn’t only involve going into a banking hall and being attended to by a staff of the bank.

It also involves user experience on the digital platforms. The customer service here has to do with minimal system downtime and excellent Human Computer Interaction (HCI) on the digital platforms.

StanbicIBTC stands out in this aspect. It is why Augusto & Co granted it the best digital bank in its consumer digital banking satisfaction index report for 2018.

Access Bank is probably the underdog here. It is the youngest bank in this group. They have a plethora of digital products; from PrimusPlus (a digital solution for cooperate organisations) to Tamara (“AI” chat-bot).

What sets Access Bank apart from the others is AccessAfrica. AccessAfrica is a solution that provides a means for account and non-account holders to send money directly to any bank in Zambia, Congo, Ghana, Gambia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone.

The aim is to create a global Inter-Bank transfer system. That would certainly be a global game changer.

There is no one here who can say they didn’t jam to the *737# song that rocked Nigeria for months. GTB has come to be known as one of the pioneers when it comes to digital banking in Nigeria.

They recently launch a WhatsApp Business solution that allows customers bank comfortably using their WhatsApp platform. There is a rumour that they are working on a type of unified digital platform that when it is released, it would put GTBank in the world stage with the top players in the industry.

With the recent merger between Diamond Bank and Access Bank, the whole digital game is surely going to be taken to next level. Both banks are on this list, imagine what their combined resources will accomplish.

The merger isn’t going to be implemented until May of 2019. So for now, Diamond Bank remains on the list.

We would love to know your suggestions for a Bank that can take Diamond’s bank position on the list. Also provide us with reasons why the bank should take the position.

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