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Let us face facts, technology gets better and better as each year passes by. Even though this has been a blessing to some, it has been an affliction to others. These others are beginning to lose their jobs because the processes/technologies taking over from them are faster, more efficient and more economical. Below is a list of declining jobs.

Postal Service Clerks

I don’t even know why this is on the list. Then again, some ancient companies still use the services of postal clerks. I really do hope this ends soon. Apologies to those who have this job

Accountants and Auditors

Systems have become powerful and ‘smart’ enough to carry out advanced accounting and auditing services/transactions. There are software out there can organise accounting entries. Audit software can carry out audit processes from start to finish with very little input from an individual.

I personally don’t think this field will totally die off, the need for their services would just reduce. Only big organisations would be able to accommodate them.

Factory Workers

It is sad to say but machines/equipment can be more efficient than humans, mostly when the task requires precision. For a few years now, a large amount of factory workers have lost their jobs because machines can do their work better and the overall process is cheaper.

In the near future, there would really be no such thing as factory workers. The best case scenario, a factory that had 100 workers would reduce the workforce to 2. The job of the workers would be to monitor and maintain the equipment.

Then again, it defeats the whole process of the term factory workers.

Customer Service Workers

Again, technology is taking over this field. Here is where you see an application of machine learning. Machine learning is basically a system that is given a set of data or algorithm that it learns from and improves. In the customer service business, there are usually a set of frequently asked questions. The system can be given this information along with the answers and as time goes on, it ‘learns’ from these questions and answers to answer similar or even new questions a customer might ask.

What then is the need for a customer service worker? Some people might say “emotions”; the difference in pitch and tone of the individual. As time goes on, I believe this feature can be implemented.

Data Entry Keyers

Some of us haven’t even heard of this job before but it is surprisingly still around. They more or less transfer data and information on paper to systems. The thing is nowadays, most of those paper documents are automated in systems.

The ones that aren’t on systems, what companies do is get the staff to handle some of these processes; processes that the staff is in charge of. That way, it makes it easier to avoid mistakes.

Computer Operators

I remember a time in my lifetime when this was one of the most sort after jobs. People went to computer schools to learn how to be computer operators. This has changed because of how easy human computer interaction (HCI) now is. We now have 6 year olds using laptops better than they can construct Lego structures.

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