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You hardly find future and Nigerians/Nigeria in the same sentence, but at some point in our lives, we have to determine what we want for ourselves as individuals. It’s about 3 years to 2022, which means most students who would graduate in 2022 are already in universities or similar. The need to determine what awaits them when they finish from school is pretty important. Below are the top 6 jobs you should expect to see an increase of by 2022.

Data analysts

We live a world full of data; raw information that has the ability to reveal amazing insights in different fields and industries. Data analysts would be needed to create systems to better analyse data. They would be involved in breaking down the vast amount of data and translating it to useful information.
We will see Data analysts analysing data from systems used in smart cities (Big Data) where every device that has access to the internet can transmit data to a central location. These data can be converted into information such that they would be used to manage systems for traffic, power and even population control.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning specialists

Artificial intelligence no matter how you see it is still in its early stages. We do know and understand the potentials of this field; we have all seen movies like I-Robot and The Matrix. What we haven’t gotten quite right yet is how to build proper AI systems. The good thing is we believe we are on the right path, with research into neural connection; finding out how we can transmit the inner workings of our brains into silicon, but we still have my reservations. We have seen a lot of movies to tell us it’s a bad idea.

We do have machine learning though. Systems like SIRI, traffic prediction using GPS, facial recognition etc. are evolving every day to be better and more efficient.

Software and applications developers

Some people might think this is a dying field; that is far from it. As long as humans have needs, we will always need software developers.
Seeing that our needs are endless, this field will never die. There are times however, when the need for developers reduces but as new individuals (kids) enter the market, their needs increase too. Mostly when there is a particular trend.

IT service experts

Conventional PCs these days have gotten so user friendly that the need for IT service experts have gone extinct. I would even be surprised if we still study computer engineering in Universities.
These are not your conventional PCs. These are systems large enough for organisations and industries to use; systems that require large amounts of power and storage to function.

These systems can be very advance and complicated for novices like some of us to even attempt to understand.

At certain periods, there is an upgrade in technology. It is almost as if someone holds back these technologies and releases them all at once. We reckon the next big release would happen between now and 2022. When this happens and upgrades begin, IT service experts would be called upon once again.

This field cannot be overstated. We are beginning to see new organisations pop-up mostly in the tech industry where “Misfits” run the show. If these companies don’t have proper organisation, they would be flames that will shine bright and die off faster than a cheetah runs a 100 metres.

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