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The tech landscape is changing as new and more innovate future technology is being introduced. In a few years’ time, some tech jobs will become obsolete and new tech jobs will emerge. Here are the top 10 growing tech jobs of the future

Database Administrators

Database Administrators basically handle the day to day running of databases in an organisation. A database can be the single most important component of an organisation because it stores sensitive information. This information can range from employees’ information to customers’ information and other information in-between. Sensitive information that ought to be protected at any cost.

It is the job of the Database Administrator to maintain, monitor and organise the Database. The universal language used to achieve this is Structured Query Language (SQL).

Software/App Developers

These people are in charge of creating applications and even building systems. We are now seeing an increase in Mobile App developers because of the ever growing dependency of customers to their mobile phones. People these days want a phone that can do anything and creative developers are providing this needs at an alarming rate.

The freelance world has seen a peak in this field as more and more people are learning Mobile languages to create applications that can cater to the needs of the customers.

Market Research Analysts

This field isn’t directly under tech but tech tools are generally used for analysis. A market research analyst basically assess consumer preference in order to allow organisations decide how to create, advertise and sell their products and services.

The method of carrying this research varies but it is usually based on past experiences and hands on data collection.

Business Intelligence Analysts

This is similar to what a Market research analyst does, only that here, the analyst looks for ways to improve a company’s efficiency and increase profits.

The method of mining data here is also different. Data is gotten from three main sources; the company, its competitors and the industry. All these data is analysed to produce information that can be used to move the company forward.

Machine Learning Developers

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence where a system learns to perform certain tasks based on experience it has gained. It is quite different from Artificial Intelligence because it is only limited by what data or information it is given.

A Machine Learning Developer creates and maintains this system. The applications of this field is endless. Deep learning; a sub-field of Machine learning has been used in creating self-driving cars.

IoT Developers

Internet of Things is really the network of physical devices other than the ones we are accustomed to (Phones and laptops). Unique Identifiers are given to objects, animals, plants etc. Such that they can transmit to the network without the need of human input.

This has provided the opportunity to collect data like never before. If well integrated, it can show how a butterfly flapping its wings in Nigeria would course a Typhoon in Indonesia.

Cyber Security Engineers

The need for engineers in this field keeps growing. There is a constant cyber battle going on between organisations and individuals and even other organisations. Each party is trying to get into the system of the other to get what is probably the most important commodity out there today, Information. It is the job of the Cyber Security engineers to prevent this from happening.

It is here we have the white hat hackers. They are basically hackers that try to get into your system for the sole purpose of finding vulnerabilities.

As long as we have computer systems, Cyber Security Engineers will always be needed.

Security Management Specialists

This field is different from Cyber Security partially because it deals with both physical and digital assets. A Security Management specialist identifies the assets of an organisation and provides ways to protect those assets.

They identify risks and provide ways to avoid those risks. They also provide ways to mitigate the risks should they arise.

Cyber Security is just a part of Security Management.

Computer Vision Engineers

Augmented and Virtual reality are becoming more and more main stream. It is beginning to branch off from the gaming field into other fields. Individuals and Companies are beginning to use this technology to offer trainings and other related activities.

In the coming years, we will be amazed by the new and innovative things coming out of this field.

Cloud Engineers

Organisations are beginning to find that it is cheaper to store information in the cloud, rather than in places where the information can be easily accessed. This has brought about a new field of engineers waiting to attend to the needs of organisations and individuals.

We are beginning to move from storing gigabytes of information to storing terabytes. Companies and individual can now sell available storage spaces to anyone who is willing to pay for them.

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