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Where my Naturalistas at?!

Wearing Natural hair has never been more trendy than now. So what better time to jump on the band wagon if not today? What stresses most people out about going natural though, is the first time overhaul of your relaxed hair. Do you just chop off all your hair and hope for the best? Hol’up! NO. Please don’t cut off your long, relaxed hair because you want to go natural. There are levels to this…

confused natural ahir
Photo credit: Urban Social TV

First step – Make up your mind. I have friends who have told me they wanted to go natural and stopped relaxing their hair, but after about 3 months of fighting with their spongy, thick hair, they find themselves in the salon applying the chemicals again. They cannot come and kill themselves and that’s fine. So you have to be sure first that you really want to do this. It is going to be a stressful journey, but it will be completely worth it.

relaxed hair
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Step 2 – Throw your relaxers away. Yes! Don’t leave them lying around, otherwise you will be tempted to “texturise” your hair once in a while, or to completely veer off track.

cantu natural hair products
Photo credit: Cantubeauty.com

Step 3 – Stock up on the right products. You have made the decision, the sweetest way to stay true to it is to have everything you need. Leave-in conditioners, coconut oil, natural hair shampoo, curling cream, shea butter, deep moisturising masque, (try Cantu, or Nature’s Gentle Touch), heat cap, silk scarf or cap, hair pins, hair accessories, etc. All these things are extremely necessary for you to enjoy your natural hair journey. If you are rugged like me, though you can do without them for the first few months.

flat twists natural hair
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Step 4 – Nightly ritual. Sorry to break it to you, but your days of going to bed without a care in the world to your hair are all but over. But don’t worry, this is an enjoyable process – most of the time. Begin to apply coconut oil and conditioner to your hair every night, and twist your hair into different parts, then wear your cap and go to bed. Its just about 30 minutes of your time. You’ll get to enjoy it when it becomes a norm. But, if you want to be lazy by sleeping with your hair in whatever way you like, in the morning, you’ll have to deal with dry, frizzy hair, making your styling process longer before you leave the house.

steaming cap natural hair
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Step 5 -Weekly routine. Deep condition every week. Otherwise your hair will break. Remember, you still have relaxed hair on your head, so in the process of letting your new hair grow underneath, you will experience some breakage. But, this is okay, as long as you continue to moisturise and condition your hair.

natural hair
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Step 6 – Cuts. Okay now it is time for the hair cut. You don’t have to chop off your entire hair at once. Pay a good hair stylist a visit once every month for steaming and a mild trim. Continue to do this until you no longer have relaxed hair at the top of your natural hair. So you’ll always have hair on your head, except you are transitioning this time around.

natural hair
Photo credit: Kamdora

Step 7 – Styling. Start googling lovely natural hair styles you can try by yourself, so that you can make the Naturalista gang proud and start receiving those “I love your hair” compliments. Not that we live for those compliments, but hey, they never hurt.

So there you go, 7 simple steps to transition from relaxed to natural hair.

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