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The love season fast approaches and everyone who is in a relationship naturally falls into the dilemma of how to please their partners.

But, that day is not a public holiday, so meetings must be made, dates fixed, deals closed and work must go on.

If you are swamped with work and you are finding it difficult to figure out how to celebrate Val’s Day with your partner, here are 5 steps that can save your relationship:

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Early morning gifts:

If you live with your partner, then you are at an advantage. Since you already know your calendar and how busy you will get during the day, make your Valentine’s day plans very early in the morning (early morning sex does not count… you’ll do that whether it is Val’s day or not).

Ensure that you have bought something special for her long before February 14 and let her wake up to a pleasant surprise that morning.

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Dinner Plans:

So yeah your day is swamped and you are super busy all day, granted, she will understand that. But what about the night?

You can make the day count with a thoughtful romantic dinner date either in a fancy restaurant, or if you are really running late, then set up a romantic night at home.

All that really matters is that you consider her worthy of your special attention on that significant day of love. That day must not pass just like another day.

Surprise at work:

More often than not, if you are in a serious relationship, then your partner might know that you are very busy that day.

This is why you will show her how dear she is to you by surprising her with a visit at work. Send a gift to her at work, or show up yourself.

The fact that you took time off your busy schedule to do this will definitely wow her. And then the gift will top it all like icing on a cake.

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Push it to the weekend:

A weekend getaway will make up for any shortcomings from Val’s Day. Valentine’s on a Thursday this year so if you are busy, just let bae know that you have something special planned over the weekend.

Even if you don’t travel, just go somewhere special. Ensure that she knows you both are celebrating love that, after all, that is what Valentine’s is all about.

mushy notes for valentine
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Go mushy:

This is for the creative, artsy person whose partner appreciates a good work of art.

Send her a note with lovely words written, contract someone to make a cute video of lovely times you both have shared together, buy an artwork. If you are busy, these are things that someone can do for you and courier it to your spouse.

She will blush throughout the day, while you run around to your meetings and deals.

There you go, gentlemen, go forth and conquer Valentine’s this year, because now, you have no excuse not to.

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