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Here’s how to have more body confidence

Body Confidence means completely feeling comfortable in your own body, no matter the shape or size. Different people, Different body types. 

Body standard is for sure one of those subjects that will forever be on people’s lips, losing weight to be more confident or gaining weight to be more confident. But a lot of the time, it is solely based on the mindset of people to be comfortable in their body. Being confident in your own skin is a journey of mind, body and soul. 

So to think being confident only comes from having the perfect body is the wrong mindset to begin this journey. With social media, we’ve all been led to think, if you’re not a size zero then you’re not the “IT” body type, and some would be left feeling insecure or pressured to attain that body goal. 

Instead of feeling left out or being negative about your body, there are ways to appreciate your body type and actually become more comfortable and confident in your own skin.

1. Customize your social media feed

Some pages or accounts you follow on some social media platforms might play a part in triggering body negativity and insecurities. The perfect answer to this, is to be mindful of pages that promote extremely high and toxic beauty or body standards, and unfollow those accounts or pages. You can follow pages that promote body positivity and confidence, or you can decide not to follow any page concerning body, it is your social media and your choice. 

2. Remind yourself there are diverse body types

Constantly being aware that there are millions of people with the same struggle around the world, brings down the anxiety to be perceived as perfect. Coming to terms with this fact, makes you see things a little bit clearer so you don’t have to beat yourself up if you couldn’t fit into a size two trousers, that’s why there are varieties of sizes in the market, because even the designers know there are different body sizes in the world. 

3. Be Grateful for your current size

Appreciating your body and saying positive things about your body is a great start to being more comfortable and confident in it. Instead of hating your body, look for the things you love most about your body and appreciate them as often as you can.

4. Meditation

Meditating has proven to help people navigate through negative thoughts, and also help them realize that your negative thoughts are just mere thoughts and not facts. It increases the compassion you have for yourself generally, helps you embrace positive thinking and also reduces your judgmental thoughts.

5. Self Care

Just simply going to the spa, getting your hair done, using nice perfumes, going to the gym and wearing nice things can quickly take your confidence level from 0 – 100. It’s the little things you do for yourself that builds into the perfection you seek.

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