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Sometimes when we choose to Netflix and Chill, that time is not just spent literally watching movies and sitting in a couch all day. This valuable time is the best period to get creative and make new discoveries – food or otherwise. Thomas Edison probably discovered the light bulb on a Netflix and Chill night (or whatever it was called in those days). So after tons of research and years of professional experience in being single and home alone, here’s a tried-and-tested list of weird food combos that will give your taste buds a pleasant surprise.

Bread and Ice Cream:

This had to be number 1! Literally everyone who has tried it has never gone to their boring old ways of bread and butter. It is pretty simple to prepare as well, but you better be careful, because it can get messy fast. Just get two slices of bread and line them with a few scoops of ice cream and eat it like a sandwich. Thank me later.

Chips/Crisps and Peanut butter:

Okay, in Nigeria, I use Pringles. I discovered this one at work and I have never eaten Pringles alone ever since. You know how in movies, they eat chips with some form of deep? But, instead of those cheese-looking ones, get a jar of peanut butter and scoop it with a piece of crisp. It could break inside the jar, so I use spoon to scoop some peanut butter, then smear it on the Pringles and bite it. Oh my! Heaven!

Nutella and Biscuits:

So I used to eat Nutella with bread but I quickly got tired of that. You know what I have never been tired of though? It is Nutella and biscuits, especially those biscuits that are otherwise tasteless like crackers. Sorry if you’re fit fam, this list is not even for you. Please pay attention to your diet.

Chocolate drink with groundnut:

I was trying to avoid the use of the brand names Milo or Bournvita, but well, which other ones are as significant in Nigeria? So this is great for a complete waste of your Choco powder and for people like me who can finish a tin of milk in one week but use the same tin of Milo for 6 months. I discovered this one because I did not want my Choco powder to waste. Just make tea, but without milk and with thrice the normal amount of Milo in as little water as possible and then sprinkle some groundnuts in it and eat with a spoon. It is like eating melted sneakers (yes, I said it).

Biscuit and Milk:

Okay, everyone who went to a boarding school in Nigeria did this and this is particularly why my milk finishes really quickly – I use milk for everything! It’s simple. Make a cup (or bowl if you have my kind of appetite) of a mixture of milk, sugar and water to taste. Get some biscuits (any kind works), break them inside the cup and eat with a spoon. It is like eating a bowl of corn flakes, but more organized.

Garri and Coke:

Call me weird, but my mum taught me this. I was shocked when she tried it in my presence, but you know me, I never shy away from a junk food combo. So you basically get a cup of garri. Put nothing in it – not even sugar. Get a bottle of coke (also works with Sprite and Fanta) and pour it into the garri in the same quantity you would have if it were with water and start eating. You’’ll never take garri with water again after trying this.

Oats and Peanut butter:

For this, your oats cannot be too watery, make it a little thick but not hard (you know how oats can harden quickly). Put your usual mix of milk and add a little sugar. Then scoop a few spoons of peanut butter and pour it on top of the oatmeal and start eating. Come back and tell me how it tasted.

Crisps and ice cream:

Here, we are using the Nigerian plantain or potato chips. It’s simple. Rather than just throwing those pieces of your beloved crisps into your mouth, dip each piece inside a cup of ice cream first, scoop a generous quantity to enjoy it better.

French Fries and Ice Cream:

This has been in existence for some time, but if you haven’t tried it yet, welcome aboard. Buy a cup of ice cream alongside your French fries from your favourite restaurant, such that instead of ketch up, use ice cream as the side dish for fries. It’s simple. Dip each piece of fries into the ice cream before putting it in your mouth. Bon appetite.

Hot Puff Puff and Ice Cream:

Emphasis on Hot! The contrast of the hot Puff Puff and the ice cream is the most intriguing part of this combo. Like the fries and ice cream combo, just dip your Puff Puff into a cup of ice cream before it enters your mouth.

Now, you know the secret behind ‘Netflix & Chill’ the Temphas way. Go forth and conquer those home-alone-nights.

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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