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An interesting character came for my little Eid celebration a few months ago. I remembered her being really impressed with my chocolate biscuit cake. Some months later, I was on leave and went on my bread crusade. My aim then was to try to make all the types of bread I could bake.

At some point during my bread crusade, I had a lot of bread at home with no one to eat them. Then I remembered Precious, she said she stayed close by. I contacted the fellow who brought her for the Eid celebration and he really didn’t help out then.

Some months later, I am having a conversation with the fellow and she comes up. This time, I pushed and he agreed to introduce us once more; it came with a condition though. He said I should organise a three course meal with the three of us. He must be there or no show. I had no choice and I really didn’t mind.

I spoke to Precious before that day. From our conversation, I could tell she was a chicken, cake and ice cream lover. So I came up with four meals; two desserts.

I love to prep the night before so the next day, I don’t get overwhelmed and I have time to interact with my guests.

Okay, let us fast-forward to the day so it would be easier to explain how I prepared each of the meals.

The starter was sweet BBQ chicken wings with crispy Tortillas and Banana coffee milkshake. Lol, I Decided to go all out as usual.

Tortillas: I sliced them and brushed them with a mixture of oil and parsley. I baked it at 150 degrees, 4 minutes on each side. My first batch got burnt though, I totally forgot about it.

Coffee Milkshake: I got plain vanilla ice cream and melted it. I mixed coffee in heavy cream and melted chocolate. I mixed everything together and wala, Banana coffee milkshake. Simple stuff.

Sweet BBQ Chicken Wings: I marinated the wings overnight using salt and vinegar. I grilled the wings using an oven for about 20mins at 190 degrees.

I made a sauce of oil, ketchup, brown sugar, soy sauce and salt. I fried the chicken in the liquid mixture for about 5mins, until the sauce began to caramelise.

Imagine the amazement in Precious’s face when this came in. The fellow didn’t allow her enjoy it though but she ate enough.

At this point, I was already preparing the main course. It was roasted Irish potatoes with Rotisserie chicken and sauce.

Roasted Irish Potatoes: I made slices to the potatoes ¾ way through and brushed them with oil, salt and black pepper. My aim was to get the potatoes ready faster and of course, it looked good. I grated some cheese and parsley on the potatoes after I roasted then in an oven under 170 degrees for 30mins.

Rotisserie chicken: I marinated the chicken overnight using oil, salt, fish sauce, vinegar, lime, garlic powder and pepper. I put it on a grill and placed it in the oven under 180 degrees for almost an hour, turning it a total of 4 times. The result was the beauty you see in that picture.

Oh yeah. I chopped carrots, onions, peppers with the liver and gizzard of the chicken. I marinated it in salt and stuffed it in the chicken when I marinated the chicken.

Sauce: That is a story for another day. So watch out!!!

I actually have a video of Precious dancing to this meal as I brought it to her. The fellow was present again but I believed at this time, he was already getting full. Little did we know he was saving himself for the desserts.

At this point, Precious asked what dessert we were going have. Her excitement when she heard we were having 2 desserts was behind explanations. I think she’s just a happy child.

I made my first dessert blue themed; vanilla marble roll-up Swiss cake with a drink I called Aquaman. Probably because I had watched Aquaman a few days before and the fellow suggested it.

Okay, the fellows name is Chuks.

Vanilla marble roll-up Swiss cake: Its basically vanilla cake with colouring. I prepared a regular vanilla cake but without oil or butter.

P.S. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. Next time I will use butter.

I divided the cake mixture into two parts where one was coloured with blue colouring and the other remained the same.

I baked the combined mixture on a baking tray under 180 degrees for about 20mins.

I then rolled up the cake while it was still hot. I had made red velvet rollup cake a few months back. I left it to cool before rolling it and that was a disaster.

Once the rollup cake cooled, I unrolled it, topped it was classic butter cream frosting and rolled it up again.

I melted chocolate with heavy cream and some butter and created a pattern using a piping bag. I dusted icing sugar to give it an awesome finish

Aquaman drink: I had some mint in the fridge. I grow lemon grass and basil. I chopped them and put them in warm water for the flavours and scents to fuse with the water.

I boil some sugar in water until it turns into syrup.

The herbs mixture was drained and added to the syrup. I added some blue food colouring to the green mixture The expression on Precious’s face is all the comments that’s needed

They thought it was over. Well, I wasn’t done with them. I had one last dessert for them; Banana Coffee ice cream in cookie bowl.

Cookie bowl: I made the cookie bowl a day before. I made normal cookie dough and added extra flour to make it easier to handle. I got a heatproof bowl and cover the outer part with foil. The foil was greased and the cookie dough was used to line the outer part of the bowl (part covered in foil). I baked this for 15mins at 180 degrees in an oven, after which I removed the cookie and left it to cool.

I melted chocolate and added some heavy cream. I used the mixture to line the inner part of the cookie bowl and into the freezer it went. The reason for the lining was to prevent the ice cream from soaking into the cookie.

Banana Coffee Ice Cream: I Mashed bananas, whipped cream with coffee and mixed them with plain vanilla ice cream. Then left it to freeze for 6 hours and the rest is history.

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