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A lot of men find it hard mixing outfit colors when putting their gear together. Some like me before i was enlightened, would stick to black and white because i wasn’t really sure how to and didn’t want to become popular for ruining fashion standards.

Thankfully over the years, Fashion aficionados have been able to share with us some color combinations particularly suitable for men.

Just before we go in-depth into these combinations, lets refresh our memories with some color basics.

The Color Wheel

Complimentary colors

These are colors opposite to each other on the color wheel. they give you that bold, attention snatching look.

Triadic Colors

These colors are central form each other on the color wheel. Same as “Blue, Yellow and Red” at the above color wheel. They help you get that multi colored balanced outfit.

We also need to place importance on the significance of some major colors.

  1. Red: Danger, Anger, Love & Passion
  2. Blue: Calm, Trust & Security.
  3. Yellow: Attention, Energy.
  4. Green: Nature & Wealth.
  5. Orange: Youth, Attraction.
  6. Purple: Luxury, Creativity.

Color combinations best for men

  • Navy Blue and white
  • Burgundy and Brown
  • Cream and Brown
  • Grey and Pink
  • Black and White

Its true today’s fashion has given room to many color combinations but still there are colors that just shouldn’t be worn together. Below we highlighted them

  1. Red and Green
  2. Green and Pink
  3. Green and Orange
  4. Red and Orange
  5. Purple and Yellow
  6. Grey and Brown
  7. Brown and Black
  8. Blue and Black
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