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It is common saying that you cannot (or should not) look for any real relationship on social media, because well, everything is fake, nothing is as it seems, blah blah blah. But, then again, most of us have liked, commented on and probably even retweeted stories of other couples with the hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter. So why is your case different? I’ll tell you why:

we met on twitter

Your Twitter Handle: You’re looking for a serious relationship and your Twitter handle is @i_piss_vodka, or @_sugar_cane_giver, @_harde_horlar_mi, @_huche_cheeee_, etc. You see the problem with these handles right? If you don’t, then this point is for you! You see, those handles, to you, may just be names that you had to create because Twitter told you your initial requested handle already existed. But here’s the fact, your Twitter handle is anyone’s first step at knowing who you are. You could tweet the funniest tweets and your handle could be the reason people get to your page and simply move on.

So how do you create a handle that Twitter won’t immediately reject for its lack of originality? Well, think of something you really like, a book, an author, a celebrity, a quote, and wing it from there. It could be something as motivational as @ObamasMouthPiece (if you are the serious motivational type of person), or @DumbledoresPawn (if you are a Harry Potter fan), or @JustLikeMusic for a music head, etc if you want to be cool. Otherwise, please stick with just your name and add a few numbers to make it distinct. If you are not so creative, ask your friends to help you. With these names, one can quickly tell a little bit about the type of person you are and at the same time, see that you put some effort into coming up with a name for yourself. This will help your ministry, trust me.

shoot your shot

Your Tweets: Well, obviously, if you are looking to land a relationship on Twitter, your tweets better be lit! You can’t leave your Twitter page inactive and expect anyone to notice you. At the same time, you can’t be tweeting or retweeting misogynistic tweets just for clout (or because that’s who you really are) and expect a girl to like you in the current millennial age. So be careful what you tweet and retweet. They reflect the kind of things you like and the type of person you are.

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Find Your Niche: There is literally every type of person in the world on Twitter. Find your people. Good thing is that Twitter does not only show you Tweets of people you are following. Go to the Explore page, search hashtags, scroll through tweets to find out the type of person they are and follow them. Just like the #Thread below helps you find fellow Harry Potter lovers if that’s your thing (How obvious is it from my references that Harry Potter is my thing?). Begin your engagement from there.

Be an active Twitter User: Well duh! This goes without saying. A friend of mine got a boyfriend on Twitter because she constantly Tweeted about liking adventures and some guy decided he wanted to take her on adventures forever… granted, they broke up after a year, but at least she got a step closer to her own #WeMetOnTwitter.

Send That DM: Just like the ones below, send that DM. In fact, start with a comment. Shoot your shot and let the rest take its course.

we met on twitter

Now, go forth and find your bae… Remember to also proudly share your #WeMetOnTwitter stories to tension the single ones you’ve left behind.

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