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Model turned Fashion Designer, Samuel Inyang, debuts Fashion Line, ‘Anu’, with ‘Self Discovery’ collection

In wake of strong social media presence where you are pressured to be anything else but your genuine self, where your mental health doesn’t really matter, because you have to appear stronger and happier on social media. That’s where ANU comes in.

What is ANU?

ANU seeks to be a space where who you really are is appreciated in all angles. It is a space where your softness, darkness, weakness, weirdness, worriness and fearfulness is accepted.

The brain behind ANU is a young talanted man who believes hiding behind sweet smiles and good looks even though you are depressed  and messy in your thoughts is more of a burden than showing them. He feels it is time to let the world know that it is okay not to be okay. What is not okay is losing yourself because you want to please the world rather than being your best self. He believes that in the world full of chaos, one can find peace and healing in focusing on what he enjoys doing. 


The brain behind ANU is a creative who is passionate about things with arts, designs and fashion. In regards to what ANU stands for, he wants to create this awareness by establishing a fashion brand. 

Being a youth who had been with depression most of his life, he wants to use his fashion brand ‘ANU’ to enlighten people who undergo depression on how designing clothes has helped him discover himself and who he wants to be. He describes creating ‘ANU’ has a form of therapy that has helped him escaped reality of the present pretentious way of living.

About first collection; “Self Discovery”

The maiden collection for ANU consists of exclusive detailed pieces made with black leather and white fabrics . The choice of colors symbolizes the reality and balance of life, a mixture of joy and sorrow. He chooses to refer to them as light and darkness. 

The collection consists of some futuristic and unusual designs as well. 

The collection is dubbed “Self Discovery”


To use creativity to help people overcome depression by discovering themselves and using as a tool to be their best selves.


To represent the struggle of self discovery and emancipate humanity from its destructive effects.

What inspired your interest in fashion: 

“Can i really give an actual answer or lie lol.. 

But I feel life, the more I grew, the space I was and I’m in, people I had met, places through it. It was just part of me as I grew. It changed my perspective on things, it also helped me express my feelings or mood, you know?

And let’s be realistic, its benefits and privileges. At a point, lol at this point that’s what clothes and feeds me. Before I graduated I was making a living from it, mind you I graduated making a living from it not even collecting certificates in another country.

What inspired my collection: Pain, life, self discovery, trying so hard to be mentally stable. But the more I tried, the more I died slowly. I was at a point in my life where I was just sad, everything, everyone, every thoughts, conflicted, i honestly didn’t know what I felt, I tried so hard but it felt I had the loan on my shoulders. I wasn’t just happy, trying to please people and make everybody smile because I know how I always felt sad within me, but the more I tried i didn’t just understand.

The more I tried to figure things, out the more I didn’t know what I felt anymore. It might feel deeper or I’m just dramatic, but till you’re in my mind and know what I fight within as days move on I see life from so many perspectives.”

Can you describe the key themes or elements that define your collection?

“My pieces are more of strong/ statement collection. From a random perspective. But from my perspective it is Light, darkness and imperfection/self discovery/ growth. The brand literally is more realistic, it’s more about an individual who’s taking you on a self journey and as we grow we understand. I want you to see things and read from your perspective and try to define it yourself.”

How does this collection reflect my vision as a designer?  

“It’s more of a healing process/ therapy, trying to find myself mentally in this world of mysteries, expressing myself, trying to be sane, or do what pleases humans. Which leads to our main ss23 AUTUMN WINTER EXCLUSIVE fashion show. It aims to help us in finding our inner peace, when we feel depressed, find a means of escape, healing and self discovery rather than kill when depressed. A whole lot of suicidal souls we sit with, eat with, drink with but don’t know.”

What kind of audience or personality do you envision wearing your designs? 


Honestly, I don’t want any and everyone in my collection, WORSE IS IF YOU NOT WEARING THE LOOK/ PIECE WELL!  If you don’t understand fashion or the story behind ANU, you would feel they are just clothes. But they’re more, each item from the collection has a story or experience. You’re legit wearing a part of me, my life, my journey, my story in healing and growing genuinely. So everyone can’t wear it, they’re one of one.”

What’s next for your brand after the launch of this collection? Any exciting plans or projects? 

“ANU has a whole lot of projects lined up but our major project is our SELF DISCOVERY SS23 AUTUMN WINTER FASHION SHOW”

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