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The black phone make $100 million at the Global Box Office

The Black Phone was purposely moved to the summer by the studio as a sign of confidence in the idea. After a $23.6 million opening weekend, the movie has earned over $65 million in domestic ticket sales. In case you were wondering, Doctor Strange 2, the movie Derrickson and Cargill were meant to be working on, just came out and has already made over $950 million worldwide.

After Derrickson resigned as the superhero sequel’s director due to “creative issues,” Sam Raimi took over. Derrickson had already established himself as a skilled horror director before helming the first Doctor Strange to critical and commercial success in 2016 with films like The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Sinister to his credit.

As Jordan Peele’s most recent social thriller, Nope, has its theater release this week, be prepared for the celebration to go on at the Universal lot for the ensuing several days. Get Out and Us, two consecutive original horror smashes that have combined to gross over half a billion dollars worldwide, are what Jordan Peele is coming off of.

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