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10 Fast-Paced Action Movies You Need To Watch

There’s nothing more awesome than an explosion of action movies with steadily rising tension that will make your heart race after stepping out of the cinema. Movies with unique non-stop push and pull of chasing and being chased with very little downtime, striking visuals, and most importantly, you could watch them without the dialogue and still understand the plot almost perfectly.

Even more awesome to have is a fast action movie to put you on edge. Movies that make you forget to breathe, keep you awake at night, and immediately turn you into a movie evangelist, forcing friends and family to watch and share in your omg-what-just-happened moments. Fast-paced action movies are a double-edged sword: sometimes you need to pause them for a moment to absorb the events, but not getting to the plot reveal fast enough is just not an option. Here are some of the best, most gripping fast, action movies to definitely watch.

1. Mad Max; Fury Road

With this stunning, excellent example of dystopian action cinema, this movie proves to be overall shocking thrill ride to the senses. Keeping you awake and at the edge of your own seat, showing to be one of the best action thrillers with fantastic performances from Tom Hardy as Max, Charlize Theron and Imperator Furiosa, and other fabulous performances.

Notably, this film displays the essence of exciting, violent action thrillers that are truly one of a kind, such as unbearably excellent but ridiculously far-fetched scenes.
Director George Miller brings us a high-octane thrill ride where just like its main character Max, audience too is never at rest and is left wanting for more. The director tries to bring forward a harsh world set in a dystopian future which is somewhat a mirror to our very own world or what it could become if everyone is reduced to a single instinct which is survival. Mad Max; Fury road is one of the action movies that will keep your heart racing.

2. Edge of Tomorrow

Based on a soldier fighting aliens who gets to relive the same day over and over again, the day restarting every time he dies. Action packed and intense film filled with amazing story, wonderful visuals, superb direction, great screenplay and undoubtedly absolutely great Performances from Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

It is Starship Troopers meets Groundhog’s day in this movie based on the original Magna: “All you need is Kill”. While many time travel movies except Terminator series and Tenet are based on a same kind of story, this movie tried to do something new and got success in that. The film gives you amazing action along with a clever plot full of twist and turns.

3. Dredd

A wonderfully dark take on an underrated character. It has nonstop action, violence and its so heart pounding starting from the intro, the score ,theme and the whole entire film. This is the type of movie to leave a mark and made you feel great. The first dredd was like a mix between robocop and mad max. The whole movie for the most part took place in a building and it was like a video game going through waves of criminals going higher and higher to the top to get to the boss.

4. Baby Driver

This movie is a cinematic masterpiece with mind shattering cinematography. Each cut matches the beat of the perfect soundtrack. Each actor perfectly suits their character. The action is phenomenal and the opening is unforgettable.

A lot of the action is to the beat of the music, which is one of the best parts. Combining that with the storyline, where the protagonist named “Baby” has conflicts between his good and bad sides of life, and the filmmakers’ good taste in music is enough to convey this with the hearts and creativity that they put into this.

5. Captain Phillips

Based on a true story about how a cargo ship captain (Tom Hanks as Cap. Rich Phillips), showed smartness and experience and saved his crew from 4 Somalian pirates who boarded their ship. In the process of making a deal, Cap. Phillips got captured by the pirates in a lifeboat.

Each scene was beautifully shot with the camera being exploited to its best by the Director. Every scene feels transport you into the movie while keeping you at the edge of your seat. To even resonate with the grueling trial he went through is insurmountable, to say the least. While also keeping you engrossed to the very end.

6. Uncut Gems

This top class hardcore brilliant film captures aggressive-passive humans. Humans who cross all boundaries and believe in only in their own individual power, culture, their own abilities in brokering every kind of deal there is for themselves.

Adam Sandler playing a psychedelic manic gambler. One that owes money it seems to all of New York mafia who keeps making one bad decision after another. The action never ends and the visual style carries a sense of glitzy taste on the interiors of his jewelry, office, home, his mistress’ apartment which he rents for her.

7. The dark knight

By far one of the most memorable action films for a long while. The film’s storyline has many twists and all are rewarding. The story is developed constantly after each scene, making you wonder what’s next. Excellent craft and flows well towards the conclusion.
This movie is not just a comic book movie. The movie is an amazing, epic crime hair raising thriller action but also a part romance. It keeps you on the edge of your seat until the credits roll.

It is grounded and dark in a realistic world. Heath Ledger’s portray of the joker is one of the best version of the joker to date. The movie draws the perfect line between Heroism and being a villain. As well as having an excellent lesson tied in within its plot. However, it has great action sequences and ultimately is a story about Batman being pushed to his limits to the point where he be considered neither hero nor villain.

8. Good time

After a robbery goes wrong, Connie’s younger brother Nick is arrested and sent to prison. Desperate to get him out, Connie does everything he can to pay Nick’s bail. This is a near perfect film and it is absolutely excellent! It brings a fresh idea as well as having great music with great placements, impeccable acting, a magnificent ending which is pristinely shot just like all of the film.

Over all the film is unbelievably gripping due to a superbly written story and all of the things listed previously. Very fast paced, Exhilarating, gritty, action packed suspense thriller. Action movies like Good Time.

9. Dunkirk

During World War II, soldiers from the British Empire, Belgium and France try to evacuate from the town of Dunkirk during an arduous battle with German forces. Christopher Nolan’s largely bloodless but profoundly harrowing war epic is one of the best films he’s ever made. Masterful visual storytelling on an epic scale. It is hard to imagine a better tribute to this victory of survival than Nolan’s spare, stunning, extraordinarily ambitious film.

The film doesn’t have any character development and that’s why it’s unique and better than other movie. You don’t need character development in a war movie or any fluff since it just draws on the movie and will diminish what Nolan was trying to tell. The score is really exhilarating, suspenseful and really highlights the tension and excitement of each scene.

10. Extraction

A black-market mercenary who has nothing to lose is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord. But in the murky underworld of weapons dealers and drug traffickers, an already deadly mission approaches the impossible.

This film is no doubt, one of the films with the most intense action sequences ever made in recent history. Chris Hemsworth delivers the an insane performance mixing it with raw action and dark emotion. Extraction’s unique selling point is the action it offers: beautifully shot, neatly choreographed, and well-edited too.

Those fed up with quick cuts in recent action movies would be pleasantly surprised to find long takes in this film instead of fast cutting. The color tone is rich and suits the film’s own tone. There are a few dramatic breaks between the action that make the viewers root for the characters.

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