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8 Important Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials for Men

If you had to build your wardrobe from scratch, with no clothing or shoes, what would you buy first? You would most likely focus on items that are used the most, ones that you can wear multiple times a week.

We have listed items that are most versatile. Items that you can get to use multiple times, ones that give you value for your money while still giving you the opportunity to make a fashion statement with your outfits. We think you will agree with a lot of these items. Although, you might add a few of your own and that’s okay. The really cool thing is once you are able to identify what those essential wardrobe items are, you will feel confident in investing in the highest quality version of each item. It is a great approach to ensure you are spending your money intentionally and not wasting it on things you wouldn’t need.

1. Chelsea Boots

These are really sleek boots and they add such a cool vibe to your outfit. The question now is how to pick the right pair, our advice- It’s all about the shape. Go for something more modern. In terms of material or colour, you can choose whichever one works best for you. Suede for example tends to get dirtier and is generally harder to clean but looks awesome. Although, some people are not fans of the Chelsea boots and that’s okay, It might not be part of your style.

2. A black or brown belt

Ideally, you should get both the brown and black belt so you can match them with different outfits. But our advice is to generally stay away from the coloured ones. For example, green, blue, green belts simply because the black and brown are the classics that go with any type of outfit you have on. Next thing you should look at is trying different types of belts to see which one you prefer.

3. Nice Underwear

It has become a habit for quite a number of guys to tend to extend the lives of their underwear past the time it should be kept for, but it’s not worth it. If you have the means and opportunity to change your underwear frequently, please do so. There are tons of good underwear out there. Make sure to opt for the ones with good quality, nice material and overall one that looks good on you and fits you well.

4. Oxford shirt

Every man needs these. Its basically a type of shirt you are always needing to wear regardless of your age. It’s a classic that just looks good on everyone. If you are to pick a colour to start with, best to go with the basics. I.e white or black as that makes it extremely versatile. You can wear it with anything, dress it up or down and still look pretty good without going over the top. If you are on a budget and have just a single slim fitted white shirt, it can be worn in different ways, paired with different outfits.

5. A watch

It does not have to be something expensive, huge or over the top, but it should serve as as accessory to accentuate your dressing and outfit. It is quite important to have at least one watch as that would essentially be your go-to watch. If you are picking just one watch, it is advisable to pick one with black leather straps because they are very versatile.

6. White Sneakers

This is one of the most important items to have in your wardrobe regardless of your budget. Good white sneakers can be gotten just about anywhere, they are affordable and getting them will surely help give your wardrobe the facelift it needs. Its a type of sneaker that can be worn at almost any occasion. They can be worn to the beach, to parties, etc.

7. T-shirts

This one is a no-brainer, you definitely need to stock up on t-shirts. You can get white, black or grey ones to start, but it wouldn’t hurt to explore your options, there are tons of shirts out there, shirts with awesome colours, designs, logos. T-shirts are very versatile, they can be paired with jackets or worn separately on their own, plus they are very affordable.

8. Slim fitted jeans

This is basically one of the best fits you can get for jeans nowadays and there are so many benefits to wearing slim fitted jeans. You should go for jeans that fit you in a nice, slim way from your waist to your ankles. Its advisable to go for either black or blue jeans as those are the most versatile that can be paired with almost all types of outfits

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