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Netflix’s New Series ‘1899’ Is A Must Watch Sci-Fi Drama

The new Netflix’s series ‘1899’ from the creators of ‘Darl’ which is unquestionably Netflix’s best sci-fi drama and perhaps one of its best offerings overall, debuted on the service on Thursday.

Once was a true jewel in the time travel genre, crafting a creative, challenging, and ultimately fulfilling tale over the course of three seasons. It goes without saying that anything that group did after that would be interesting to see.

Apart from being, for lack of a better phrase, “very odd,” 1899 is very different from Dark. After watching just one season, I can’t say that I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Dark, however I’ll be honest and admit that it took me some time to get into that series before I could see its brilliance.

It is really difficult to discuss 1899 and what works and doesn’t without giving away major plot points, but I’ll try. The show first focuses on a group of travelers traveling across the Atlantic Ocean, all of whom are escaping Europe due to various sinister secrets from their pasts.

The Prometheus, a ship belonging to the same firm that has been assumed to be lost at sea for four months, sends a signal to the new ship, revealing its probable location. There, what will they discover?

According to rumors, 1899 will have a three-season run similar to Dark’s, but given Netflix’s current status, who knows if that will truly happen?

Netflix would be wise to give them carte blanche because Dark would have been ruined if it had been shortened by one or two seasons. And given how season 1 finishes, there’s no chance a second season will even closely match the first. I’m therefore quite interested to see what it will look like.

In the end, we do recommend it. With the first season of this unusual show coming to an end, it’s nice to watch more of it since it is intriguing, incredibly strange, and scary.


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