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Top Nigerian Menswear brands that you should know

The fashion industry is an extremely competitive space, the journey to success as a fashion brand takes many different paths, paths which include sustainability, innovation, quality and reliance. Fashion and clothing is a really essential part of everyone’s lives whether it is sporting a luxurious brand, innovating and experimenting with your style. It’s a known fact that everyone want to look their best, of all the clothing brands out there in Nigeria, there are some that really stand out in terms of luxury, class and distinction.

The Nigerian menswear fashion industry in particular has been through a revolutionary transposition over the last decade from being basic and boring to being more contemporary and avant-garde. There are few brands who have been able pioneer that change, brands that are steadily on the frontier of innovation in the Nigerian menswear fashion.

There are a plethora of brands out there and choosing the right one can be difficult, which is why we have listed menswear brands that have been so influential in the fashion industry with their style, craft and luxury. A good many of them have been able to increase their reach and recognition beyond the borders of the country.

Here are Nigerian menswear brands that deliver all of the aforementioned qualities in spades.

Kenneth Ize
Lagos born designer, Kenneth Ize is reimagining classic traditional African fabrics and Nigerian craft with his eponymous label that he created in 2013 while giving a contemporary spin on heritage styles.
A graduate of Arts and Design at the school of applied art, Vienna, Kenneth started his brand in 2013 with collaborations with Nigerian designers and artist groups from different parts of the country. In 2019, he was a finalist for the LVMH Prize and a joint winner of the Arise Fashion Week Award for “Designer of the Year.”
Kenneth Ize has been able to inspire and innovate with his styles as they have an elegant and stylish design flair to them which some say is ahead of their time.

Previously know as Mai Atafo. Specializes in menswear, womenswear and also bridal fashion. Atafo is becoming a fast growing and well known brand that is not just limited to the borders of the country alone but also other countries in Africa.

Atafo has it right with virtually everything it touches; from suits to tuxedos and traditional designs while still maintaining itself as a luxury brand.
Serious considerations have been put into their designs making them emerge as a brand you can trust for undisputed quality.

Emmy Kasbit
Emmy Kasbit is a fashion brand for the contemporary African man. It prides itself with its luxe-as-hell designs that stands out with the boldness it exudes with their african fabrics, patterns and designs.
This is no small feat for a designer but founder Emmanuel Okoro has been able to prove to everyone that his skillset is awe-inspiring.

Tokyo James
In 2015, Tokyo James founded his eponymous brand and there is nothing basic about the designs. Since its inception, the brand has been able to keep the momentum going with highly coveted designs till date.
Tokyo James has been able to position itself as the go-to brand for high fashion clothing with their clean cut, high quality designs.
Dazzling with daring prints, impeccable suiting, it’s the exact reason why he has become a favourite for men with class and high fashion sense.

Ugo Monye
Ugo Monye is a responsible fashion brand that designs traditional wears and African prints. It is a brand that has been able to create collections after collections that simply obliterates all other imitiators.
A graduate of Business Administration, Ugochukwu Monye, Founder and Creative Director, Ugo Monye Fashion Company has been able to position the brand in a unique position where they continue dominance of the fashion industry year after year since its inception.

Yomi Casual
Yomi Casual has been able to revolutionize and embody the classic man look with his African designs and suits. His unique spin which spans across varying styles, colours, patterns and designs has made him not just a favourite among celebrities but everyone alike.
Yomi Casual effortlessly melds clean cut masculine tailoring and fabrication with a laid back and stylish African vibe.

Mudi Africa
Mudi Africa is a brand founded by Clement Mudiaga Enajemo. He started the brand in 1993 and became the first Nigerian designer to establish his brand abroad by opening stores in other countries. Mudi Africa puts an emphasis on sustainable African designs and has made a hallmark of the brand.

David Wej
David Wej specializes in everything from traditional wears, casual wears, shoes to suits, underwear and accessories. Based in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom, the brand has been able to merge the beautiful and unique aesthetics of the African design with a mix of modern design to mak eit more streamlined and unique.

What we admire the most about David Wej is their absolute versatility with all their different designs and products while still being able to deliver quality and sustainable products.

Orange Culture
Adebayo Oke Lawal has had a passion for designing since he was 10 and launched the brand in 2011. He has described the brand as a movement more than a clothing line for me who are “self aware , expressive, explorative, art-loving nomad[s].” The brand has been able to seamlessly juxtapose the African heritage and design with modern and futuristic elements to create an innovative new set of style for the contemporary man.

Orange Culture has received numerous recognition all over the world, beyond the borders of Nigeria by being featured in Vogue, Elle, Financial Times, etc while also receiving nominations for LVMH (Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessey) prize as one of the finalists as he was picked along with 29 other designers from all over the world from a pool of 1221, he was a finalist for the MTN Lagos fashion and design week and Mode men awards.

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