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“It is  not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.” – Mandy Hale. Self care refers to the act of taking care of oneself physically as well as mentally. 

Humans, especially the female gender observe self care more often, might be because society expects that much from them. But it is necessary for all genders. It can be in the form of keeping good hygiene both in the internal and external part of the body, maintaining good composure in public and private, dressing well, exercising, knowing as well as practicing good etiquette,  can also be a way of displaying proper selfcare treatment.


It helps prevent illness and diseases. Not maintaining good personal hygiene and even unprotected sex with a disease carrier can cause diseases such as STDs, HIV, and rashes. Maintaining good selfcare like bathing regularly, changing damp and sweaty clothes, changing underwear daily, changing tooth brushes regularly, and avoiding unprotected sex would prevent you from illness.

It also helps to gain confidence, good composure, and a positive mindset, it also helps you become unstoppable and bold in public, among close relations or even in private.  Maintaining good self care will give you that push and boldness you need to carry out any task you set your mind to and also making sure you succeed.

Selfcare helps you build good and healthy relationships with yourself and others and also brings happiness. As students, not sleeping on time and stressing the mind, brings about illness and mental health deterioration. But maintaining good selfcare will help reduce the bad effects on students.

All these are sure reasons why you should maintain good self care and why it is important. So ensure to observe self care both physically and mentally.

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